Earth. Tend. Craft.

Earth. Tend. Craft. Invitations to tending yourself, Land and connection.

Herbalist and Wild Rites of Passage woman Amaia Dadachanji is often accompanied by Artist and Land-tender Bella Rose Cohen and alone or together offer new earthy crafting and tending sessions where we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the wild.

Our first sessions are coming soon as the wheel of the year turns and the seasons change. In these sessions near the quarters and cross quarters of the year, we will be gathering women together – those who are called – and slowing down, opening and softening to allow deep connection with self and Land.

We will use our hands, voices, depths to connect in with plant kin and nature around us… through circle work and craft, medicine making and ceremony we will tune into the energies of the season. We will share plant kin remedies and feel the vibrations of these remedies and how they work with each of us. For some sessions we will also be outside with the land, soil, dark, trees, dew, birdsong, plant kin, moon, clouds, wind, sun…. Sessions are held around the Stroud area.

Beltaine 2022 – Friday 20th May, 6-9pm working with Hawthorn and Dog Rose while we craft, listen and share

Mabon 2022 – Saturday 17th September 6-9pm working with Nettle and Rose (hip) while we craft, listen and share

Samhain 2022 – Sunday 30th October 6-9pm – Community Women’s Crossing and Circle – threshold crossing, shared feasting and fire

£33 for each session (per person) when held for Self and Other and donations of £13-£33 when held in community to raise money for a cause. 

Retreat – Samhain 2023

November 3rd-5th 2023

Our retreat is very exciting, just after the Waters and Land at St. Nectan’s Glen are blessed in ceremony for Samhain we will arrive and have two nights of bliss and connection.

We will stay together at the waterfall itself in beautiful accommodation and share time in circle, out in the land, at sacred sites of immense story (herstory) and craft, tend and share. Our plant kin for this retreat will be mugwort – the herb of protection, embodied empowerment and dreaming. We will meet others too but mugwort shall infuse into our circle through craft, remedy and listening.

Elements we will share include: threshold crossing, medicine walk, plant kin connection, remedy making and tasting, song, wild art with foraged pigments, wild crafting with foraged materials, visit to sacred labyrinths, ceremony, access to waterfall after hours, deep breathing and or yoga, self-care and nourishment,

Organic teas are provided and each evening we will enjoy an organic meal together – for breakfast and lunch we will bring and share (or bring if you prefer).

We will have shared rooms in the stunning retreat cottages at the falls.

£387 per person including accommodation, trip to sacred sites and evening meals

Our work is about bringing women together, sharing in ceremony and tending ourselves, each other and the land. We are taking time to tune into the season and celebration, natural cycles and plant kin in their myriad cycles and expressions. We will work with elements and hands, heart and song and find our wild within. Message us on to enquire or book in!